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About Us

The Homeless Coalition of Windsor-Essex County has 35 organizations listed on it’s membership with approximately 20 – 25 members attending meetings every second month.

Representation comes from various organizations that provide direct service to the homeless and at-risk of homelessness as well as other community planning committees. Representatives also bring toward issues of a variety of population groups such as youth, families, singles, and seniors.

The Coalition speaks with one voice on issues related to homelessness and housing. It also plans annually to identify trends and priorities for action. The Coalition is a leader in tracking service utilization – something it has done for over 10 years and for developing the community’s plan on homelessness. The plan has been utilized by funders, the community, and organizations to secure additional funding over the years. The Federal Government recognizes the Homeless Coalition of Windsor-Essex County as the Community Advisory Board (CAB) for the Homeless Partnering Strategy.

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